May 2, 2008

Price of Flour in Canada

I went into No Frills (grocery store) today to purchase Flour. Just to emphasise in Canada, No Frill is supposed to be one of the most cost saving place where one can shop. The shelves were nearly empty and there were not a lot to choose from. I stood there for about seven minutes in shock when I see the price. The only choice I had were Robin Hood Whole Wheat 10kg - $12.79 and No Name Unbleach white - $11.79. About 3 months ago the prices were approximately $6.00 and $5.00. There was a another woman there also staring at the flour in disbelieve. Eventually she walked away and didn't purchase any flour.

I did purchase the 2 bags of flour because I can still afford it. I kept wondering about the people who do not have that extra bit of money to cope with the higher prices. What will they do? Roti is a staple in South Asian meals. What will they have to give up in order to still get to eat roti.

I know this is all because of the high prices oh wheat. The high price of fossil fuel is pushing the price of wheat up. The economists are saying fossil Fuel is expensive because the demand is greater these days. China and India is trying to get industrialised now and we can't stop them because Europe and North America became industrialized without anyone telling them that they were demanding too much fossil fuel.

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