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I started this blog because I want to tell stories about everyday life. Before, you start reading my blog please be aware that I was never a good 'English' student. I was never good at essay writing. I got just average and below average  marks  in English and Literature. Please do not expect the best English grammar here. You will not find "big" words here, so you wouldn't need a dictionary. I will write from my heart with a lot of soul in it. 

Later in life I realized that my skills are in coding, that is coding computer programs. For those who understand computer programming, I really know what "if-then-else" and "do-while" means. Software development is one of my passion, from time to time I will write about it.

I recently developed my first web application using mysql/html/php and javascript. It is used to capture Family Genealogy.  My ancestors are from India, they went to Guyana, South America about 150 years ago. I want to learn so much about where exactly in India, they were from. I want to understand why they left India. My mother's second cousins are all in India, she has never met them.
If you are interesting in Family Genealogy, I think you will like my web application : http://onesoul.ca

Sometimes I sit on the subway and I see someone. An adult or sometimes a kid will captured my heart. I want to write about that. When the young school kids run into the subway all talking at the same time and getting so excited about just being on the subway. That is one of the nicest moments to watch. and it is nice to share these moments.

I am married to Azad, we have one son Naasir, who is heading for a Masters in Philosophy . We live in the GTA area of Toronto Canada. My parents also live with us.  I think I will write a lot about my son. Watching him grow up to be the person he is becoming, has really captivated me. I am in awe sometimes, but then again I feel every mother feel like that about their son or daughter. I will write some stories about him. I feel that I grew up with my son.

I will also write about my family when there is something interesting to say. In particular I think I will write about my mom who has been diagnosed with early stage of Alzeimer'.

 I feel passionately about spirituality and traditions. I will write a lot about spirituality and mysticism. I believe that there so many secrets and unknown that we will never understand. God doesn't want us to know everything and that is what makes spirituality beautiful.

There are many people who are shocked by mysticism, and they mock it, calling it nonsense. These people are blinded by ignorance. By following the mystical way I came to understand the true nature of God's revelations to Prophet Muhammad(Salallahu Alaiyhi Wasalam).-Ghazali, 'al-Munqidh min ad-Dalal.

Okay, enough about me for now.  

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