Dec 9, 2009

TTC Elevators and Escalators - Dec 09, 2009

TTC elevators serve more than 25 of the system's 69 subway and Scarborough RT stations. These elevators are specially designed for people in wheelchairs, scooters, walkers, with other mobility devices or baby strollers. Almost half (30 of 69 stations) of the subway/rt system will be fully accessible. The TTC also operates and maintains 294 escalators throughout the subway/rt system......

he Toronto transit system is a death trap.
Don't believe me? Too bad you weren't around the other morning when my two kids and I took the subway to run errands.....
Porter: TTC traumatic with 2 kids, stroller and lots of stairs - Catherine Porter
Toronto Star

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  1. Coxwell Subway, Toronto Dec 18th

    A mother stands at the top of the stairs with her baby in a big baby stroller. She stood there trying to figure out how to get the stroller and the baby down the stairs to the train. Coxwell subway station is one of those station with no elevator. What is a mother to do?. I wanted to help her but I didn't know how. I couldn't carry the stroller down or carry the baby ..

    TTC please please help these mothers.