Feb 3, 2010

“Tuesdays with Morrie” and our Death Denying Culture

“Tuesdays with Morrie” and our Death Denying Culture


by: http://adeepershadeofsoul.wordpress.com/

“…most of us all walk around as if we’re sleepwalking. We really don’t experience the world fully, because we’re half asleep, doing things we automatically think that we have to do.”

What he meant by this was that we spend so much of our lives doing things that we think are extremely important when in reality they are not. For example, we work tirelessly so that we can buy that item we wanted or get that promotion we wanted, all at the expense of precious time spent with family and friends or in contemplation and prayer.

The student in the book (the author Mitch Albom) responds, “And facing death changes that?” Professor Morrie says:
“Oh yes, you strip away all that stuff and you focus on the essentials. We are too involved in materialistic things and they don’t satisfy us. The loving relationships we have, the universe around us, we take these things for granted.”

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