Apr 4, 2011

After Eight Years

Eight Years  ago my son Naasir was 12 yrs old and he started to memorize the Holy Quran two months after the invasion of Iraq started. He is now a Hafiz-ul-Quran and the invasion of Iraq is still happening. Iraq has been disentigrated and the civilian death toll is now 100,000. The world cares so much about the 4000 American soldiers but no one cares about the Iraqi civilian death toll . There is no end in sight for the end of this war. The trillions spent on the invasion of Iraq could have eliminated poverty for the entire world.

We protested at the Anti War Protest in Toronto in 2003

 I was very optimistic that with enough protests that this war would not have happened. I was so wrong with my optimism!!.

Naasir (2003)...Scarborough Bluffs

My son was born in 1990 one month after the first U S war with Iraq. His name means helper in Arabic. InshaAllah one day he will be able to help some of the suffering in this world.

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