Jun 13, 2014

Finding love the Islamic way:

A beautiful message from a father to his son about love: Reminded me of the conversation I am always having with my son

From the Letter:-
"You will see her someday walking across campus or laughing with her friends -- maybe after Juma prayers, maybe in a coffee shop -- and her smile will make you look twice. Maybe three times. If you catch your eyes drifting south of her smile, then you're on the wrong track. But if you're stuck staring at her smile so long that you start smiling too, you may have found something"..

"Now come to us before you go too far. Your mother and I don't want you scampering around in the shadows with your new girl. Come out into the light. If you're serious about her, be public. Let the world know that she's the one. We will support you. And eventually when you're ready, we will have chai with her family"...

Source:  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/sam-pierstorff/a-letter-to-my-muslim-son_b_5492609.html

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